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Tiffany (Gorham) Medallion Sterling Sugar Spoon

Tiffany (Gorham) Medallion Sterling Sugar Spoon
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$ 110

In the mid 1860's, Gorham was a major supplier to Tiffany's retail operation, and this 6" long sugar shell is an example of that relationship, as evidenced by the marks on the reverse. Gorham was the sole source of this, or any, Medallion pattern for Tiffany. All work for Tiffany was done to a Sterling standard, and that is the case with this. The figure is a helmuted warrior, perhaps Mars. The reverse is monogrammed "S.V.M." in Old English lettering. The bowl has a matte finish with remaining traces of an original gold wash. The condition is very good. The figure has not suffered polishing wear, and the overall form and finish are excellent. The resting part of the backside of the bowl show light scratches that carry through very faintly to the front.

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