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For assistance with login or registration, please review the below frequently asked questions before clicking here to contact us.

For a more prompt response to other support inquiries, please use the Support feature in the Configure section from the login menu.


Q: Why can I not log in?

A: Please check to ensure your Caps Lock key is not engaged. And please be sure you are not introducing space characters if copying and pasting (typing inputs may be necessary.) Username and Password are both case sensitive. Is your account current? If still unable to log in, you may wish to contact us for assistance.

Q: How can I make sure my item is in the most appropriate category?

A: Try searching for similar items on the venue and consider what choices other members have made over time.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for improving my performance?

A: Here is a list of hints to improve your opportunity for success:
  • Use proper punctuation and check your spelling. Consider how credible or professional your efforts will appear to others. We help by providing a simple spell check (which does not always account for terminology within a specialty). Please take time to use this tool and double check its feedback to you.
  • Mention the category and other key terms and phrases within the listing. This will help search engines find you. Repeating key terms or concepts in Title, Keywords and Description fields will help to reinforce to search engines what is important about the listing.
  • Do not abbreviate. Unless someone searches for abbreviations, they won't find you.
  • Post the ad to 2 categories if both are applicable. Please only use Miscellaneous if there is not a good second choice, however.
  • One of the most helpful measures is to add listings regularly and make them as descriptive as possible. Most recently added listings are shown first in Cyberattic category pages and benefit from more immediate visibility to visitors.
  • Another good measure is to add a photograph. Many buyers feel more confident about making a purchase if they can see it first. Even if it is something obvious like a depression glass pattern an color, a good photo is visually stimulating.

Relating to Features

Q: How do I add 'About Us', 'Sales Policy' and similar pages?

A: From the login menu, go to 'Configure' and then 'Supporting Pages'. Let us know by the 'Support' feature (also under 'Configure') if you have questions with 'Supporting Pages'.

Q: I need to update my home page. How do I do this?

A: Select "Config" and then "Express Storefront" after logging on to Cyberattic. Make changes under the appropriate sections labeled "Identity", "Contact Info", "Hyperlinks", "Text Content", "Illustrations" or "Search Engines". Be sure to hit the "Update Now" button (at the bottom of any section after making changes) and then the "Generate" button to apply changes to your page.

Q: How do I add or drop categories on my Homepage after adding or deleting items?

A: From the login menu, go to 'Configure' and then 'Homepage Management' to click the 'Generate' button. We do not update hompepages automatically as the member might be in the middle of unfinished edits.

Q: How can I put a listing in a second category?

A: You select the primary category when adding or re-categorizing a listing. To choose the secondary category, find the drop down menu on the following page when making other edits. Select the most appropriate and applicable category before hitting "Submit".

By selecting 2 categories, your ad will appear twice in the categories listing - doubling your exposure. But please don't post to categories that don't really apply to your item. Use "Miscellaneous" if you feel you must select a secondary category but cannot find a good choice.

Q: How can I put jpeg photos of my items in my listings?

A: With a typical Web browser, you will see an option (a button labeled "Browse") to submit a photo either when entering or updating an ad. The file must be in JPEG (.jpg) format, and should be reasonalby sized (less than 100 kilobytes. Hit the "Browse" button and navigate to your photo file, attaching it to our form (just as you would to e-mail) when making other edits before hitting "Submit".

Relating to Membership

Q: What is the cost of membership?

A: Membership is available pre-paid on a quarterly ($45), semi-annual ($70) or annual ($110) basis. Membership includes unlimited listings with up to 6 photos per listing - up to 500 photos total. Membership also includes one hyperlink on your home page which you may point to a page on your Cyberattic site or elsewhere. For photos in excess of the 500 limit, a small service charge of $5 per block of 200 photos will be billed in arrears on a monthly basis. Because we strive to keep rates as low as possible, subscriptions are non-refundable. Subscriptions automatically renew for the term elected upon registration. Cancellation or change of term length must be in writing to

Q: What do I need and what should I have ready when registering?

A: If you are browsing the internet, you should be equipped to use our services. It may help if you also are able to take digital pictures for upload from your computer using our features. Payment for services is accepted by credit card when you complete your registration with us.

Q: I have initiated registration. Why have I not received a response from Cyberattic?

A: Though not a common occurrence, if no response is received then either a typo was made when providing us with your e-mail address or our follow-up to you may have been mistaken for junk mail. Please check your junk mail folder before contacting us directly.

Q: Why is my temporary passcode not accepted?

A: If completing registration, typing inputs may be necessary (as copying and pasting the temporary passcode or username has been known to introduce space characters that should not be there.) If registration has already been completed, the permanent password you created should be used as it replaces the temporary passcode.

Relating to Updates

Q: When will my listings appear?

A: First listings by new members may take longer as necessary files are being created with first use of features. New listings will subsequently show with more frequent updates.

Q: Why are my listings not in Cyberattic category pages or in search results?

A: The search engine updates a few times each day. Cyberattic category pages update daily.

Q: I added some listings but my pages haven't changed. How come?

A: After the first build of member catalogue pages, newly added items appear promptly on the first catalogue page but appear throughout other catalogue after the daily update. Before suspecting that a page has not updates, please be sure to hit "Refresh" or "Reload" from your browser to check for changes from the Cyberattic server. Otherwise you may be seeing a copy from your browser cache. AOL can have very persistent caching at the client's browser level or at regional cache servers. You can verify your information is current by selecting the item in "Manage", after logging on to Cyberattic, and selecting "Images/Data" to review information.

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