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Articles: Pyrex Percolator Coffee Recipe  
How to brew an excellent cup of coffee using a Pyrex Percolator!
by Linda M. LaRock

After 64 years of availability, Pyrex percolators remain very popular. Almost every day someone will contact me requesting information about a vintage flameware range top coffee pot. These delightful coffee pots are the same ones our grandmothers had on the back of their stoves. Flameware Pyrex percolators date back to 1938 or early 1939. The majority of the coffee pots I sell are from the 1950s. The Pyrex coffee pots are easy to identify. They have a clear glass body. When held up to the light, you will notice a faint blue tint to the glass. These pots have a glass pump and a glass basket inside. You can find them in four cup, six cup and nine cup sizes. {In the 1970's they also made a ten cup size}. The majority of these coffee pots have the cup serving size etched into glass of the pot. These pots are used directly on the flame of your stove. They do not require electricity. Any flame can brew your morning coffee.

Customers are always asking me for a recipe to brew the coffee. Finally, I have found a great one I'd like to share with you. Here is a complete set of instructions.

The Pyrex brand percolator has beverage cup markings on the pot for easy measuring. Put water into the percolator pot up to the cup amount you want to brew. A coffee serving is 5 1/2 oz of finished brew. Therefore, instructions are written for servings of coffee, not measuring cups. The measurement markings on the percolators are for 6 oz of water per serving. When you add water to the pot, it should not touch the bottom of the coffee basket. Prior to adding your favorite coffee, run water through the percolator basket. This will help prevent sediment in the brew. Now you are ready to add the proper amount of percolator or regular grind coffee into the basket. If you like strong coffee, use 1 coffee measure (2 level teaspoons) of coffee to each 6 oz of water. Insert basket assembly into percolator. Cover. Place over direct heat. When perking begins, lower the heat to perk gently for 6 to 8 minutes. Do not boil rapidly. Rapid perking can cause a bitter flavor and coffee grounds in the brew. Your finished product should be a clear, rich, brown coffee.

Coffee is at its peak of flavor immediately after brewing. Remove the basket assembly before serving. The coffee will pour more easily. It can be kept piping hot for serving later, but after 30 minutes, coffee loses its flavor rapidly. Making a full pot of coffee is preferred, but do not make less than 3/4 capacity of the coffee maker. If you own an electric range, use a grid under your Pyrex flameware. You can buy the heat spreader grid or make one easily. These can be made out of galvanized heavy gauge wire.

I hope you have found this recipe useful. There is nothing as wonderful as a great cup of coffee. Pyrex coffee pots are easy, fun and make delicious coffee. Enjoy!!

Written by Linda M. LaRock. The author of " You,Too,Can Make Money Selling "Good Junk". A book about buying and selling ordinary items found at garage sales, flea markets and auctions. It is a quick and easy guide to starting a business selling "Good Junk" from your home.
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