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Articles: How to Remove Spots From Silver  
Out Damn Spot!

     If you're a city dweller, sulfur compounds from coal and diesel exhaust are to blame. If you live by the sea, it's the salt air (or both). But in either event, those deep black pits which form on the surface of your silverware are annoying and difficult to remove. If not dealt with promptly, they will cause permanent damage. What to do?

     I recommend some type of a silver "dip" on the tip of a cotton swab. Move it around in a circular motion over the spot. If it is persistent, use some of the crystals that build up around the rim of the container as a slight abrasive. You can also get a drop of solution on the piece of cotton, and let it rest up against the spot for five minutes or so. Afterwards, it is important to rinse the piece with water and wash with soap (not detergent), then dry with a soft clean cotton cloth. As a final step, polish the area gently with a good liquid cleaner (avoid pastes and creams as they tend to be abrasive), and buff once again with a soft cotton cloth.

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