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S. Kirk & Son "Repousse" Small Solid 10.15 Silver Knife
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

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4693f   $32.00

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This 5 1/2" long, .8 T. oz., knife is stamped "S. Kirk & Son" along with the peculiar-to-Baltimore standard mark "10.15," which is roughly equivalent to coin silver. This specific combination of marks was used 1846-61 (Dorothy Rainwater Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers).

Small and with an elongated blade, its function is indeterminant. Perhaps it is a butter or other spreader.

Whatever the purpose, it is an early example of the Repousse style for which Baltimore... Click for details

Amston "Lion Head" Georgian Style Pepper Caster and Open Master Salt
Silver : Sterling : Hollowware

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4692f   $145.00

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This matched pair consists of a 4 3/4" tall pepper shaker companioned with a 1 1/4" high by 2 1/2" diameter open master salt.

Solid silver, they are marked "Sterling" on the underside, along with the name of the Manufacturer, Amston (Meriden, Connecticut, first half of the 20th century) and model number "415."

The shaker weighs 2.2 T. oz. and the salt 1.4 T. oz.

English Georgian in style, both pieces stand on three "lion head" feet and have plain, round, bodies. The caster has a... Click for details

Richard Jenkins, Exeter, England, 1799 Sterling Silver Serving Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4690f   $85.00

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Very much a period table piece, this 8 1/4" long, 1.5 T. oz., spoon has a rounded end with a tipt backside, and an exposed drop on the bowl.

The handle front is diamond cut and wriggle work engraved, and has a block letter "E S" monogram, in a manner that bespeaks its age.

The handle reverse is fully hallmarked with a castle assay mark for Exeter, England, 1799-1800 date letter (George III), duty bust, lion for sterling silver, and "RJ" for silversmith Richard Jenkins (d. 1807).

The... Click for details

Gorham "Versailles" Heavy Sterling Silver Teaspoon Engraved "Ida 1908"
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4688sh   $29.00

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Marked with an "H in a diamond," which was Gorham's designation for "heavy," with the company's "lion, anchor, G" emblem, and the word "Sterling," this teaspoon measures 5 7/8" long and weighs 30 grams, approximately 1.0 T. oz.

It is a particular well-crafted example of Versailles in exceptionally fine condition.

The cherub with hair of grape clusters and leaves and holding a lute shows in full detail, as do all other aspects of the design.

The bowl is without dents, bends, or... Click for details

Frank Whiting Sterling Silver Posy Holder aka Tussie Mussie with Chain
Silver : Sterling : Smalls

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4687f   $85.00

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Victorian artifacts that bespeak the highly ritualized social customs of the age, tussie mussies aka nosegays or posy holders are vessels designed to carry small floral bouquets.

This circa 1900 example was made by Frank Whiting, whose "W in a circle with feathers," "Sterling," and model number "4077" are stamped below the rim of its 5" long, 1.1 T. oz., tubular body.

It retains its original 3 1/2" long chain with a 1/2" diameter ring.

Used by women, the chain attached to a finger ring... Click for details

Frank Smith "No. 2" Fancy Blade Sterling Silver Jelly Knife
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4686sh   $85.00

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Issued in 1918, Frank Smith's No. 2 pattern incorporates a central rose blossom at the handle end, complemented by floral rosettes and scroll detailing along the margins.

This example is an 8 3/16" long, 1.9 T. oz., solid silver, jelly knife or other server with a dramatic, scimitar-like, flat blade.

It has a rounded upper back edge that is slightly raised and embossed with the same design as the handle, save in larger scale.

The edge dips and swoops up again, is scalloped, and... Click for details

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"Stieff Rose" Sterling Silver Long Handle Food Pusher
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4685f   $48.00

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A fully original piece, i.e. not made up or adapted from another item, this baby food pusher is lengthy at 4 1/2" and weighs .8 T. oz.

The actual pusher is a plain, curved, band that is 1 3/8" wide by 1/2" high.

Marked "Stieff - Sterling," this is an early example of the company's namesake 1892 Stieff Rose, a repousse design quite similar to Kirk's pattern by that name, and overall representative of a style for which Baltimore silver is known.

The underside of the handle is plain... Click for details

Durgin c. 1885 Aesthetic Engraved Sterling Silver Preserve Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4684f   $32.00

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This 6 5/8" long, .9 T. oz., piece is marked with an early Durgin, "bird surrounded by stars," emblem, the word "Sterling," and "J.N.L. & Co.," likely referencing the retailer.

The rounded end Antique handle is engraved in a circa 1880 Aesthetic mode design that includes naturalistic and abstract elements, all set on a matte finish ground.

A preserve, or possibly large sugar, spoon, this has an unusually shaped bowl with ribbed shoulders and a scalloped and faceted end.

The matte... Click for details

Rare Durgin "New Art" Iris Sterling Silver Table Serving Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4682f   $215.00

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Arguably the line by which all other Art Nouveau floral designs are measured, Durgin's 1900 New Art embodies the exuberance, lushness, and fullness of expression that characterize this mode.

Perhaps because it is such a commanding design, much of the production seems to have been focused on serving items and less so on place pieces.

This item, an 8 15/16" long, extraordinarily heavy at 4.5 T. oz., table or serving spoon lies somewhere between these two realms, and is a rather rare... Click for details

A. Stowell, Boston, Bright Cut Aesthetic Sterling Silver Napkin Ring
Silver : Sterling : Smalls

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4680f   $95.00

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A heavy, 1.7 T. oz., large, 1 1/2" tall by 1 5/8", plain band napkin ring, this piece is stamped on the inside "A. Stowell & Co." and "Sterling."

A Boston firm tracing to 1849, and that remained in operation until the late 20th century, Stowell was a retailer of high repute, with this c. 1885 quality piece likely sourced from a prominent New England manufacturer.

The outside surface is bright cut in an Aesthetic (Eastlake) design that incorporates leaves, flowers, and grasses, all set on a... Click for details

George Erickson "Chino" Large Solid Sterling Silver Pie Server
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4679f   $120.00

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A worker who apprenticed in the shop of renowned Arts & Crafts silversmith Arthur Stone, George Erickson founded his own studio in Gardner, Massachusetts, the same city as Stone, in 1932. The business continues today under the ownership of his grandson Peter.

This example is a large, 8 7/8" long, just under 2.7 T. oz., pie server in the Chino pattern.

The blade is 3 3/4" by 2 1/4" at the widest, has cupped and notched shoulders and a gently pointed tip.

Plain overall, the surface... Click for details

Wallace "Point Pleasant" NJ "Violet 92" Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4678f   $20.00

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Measuring 5 7/16" long and weighing approximately .5 T. oz., this spoon is 5 o'clock size.

Made by Wallace, whose "RW deer head & S" emblem, the word "Sterling," and the number "92" appear on the handle back, the design is a Violet issued in 1909. It is one of a numbered floral series and not the company's full line pattern named Violet.

The dense design is set in relief, highly detailed, and shows an intricately textured surface.

This piece is a souvenir item, bright cut... Click for details

Frank Smith "Federal Cotillion" aka "Edward VII" Sterling Sugar Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4676f   $46.00

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Made by Frank Smith, Federal Cotillion, was introduced in 1901 the year the Victorian era ended and the Edwardian one began, which likely explains the original name of the pattern, Edward VII.

A nearly identical design to Whiting's King Edward, also dating from 1901, the pattern is a stately interpretation of a traditional English Kings.

This example is a 5 3/4" long, just over 1.1 T. oz., sugar spoon.

It has a generously proportioned bowl with decorated heel... Click for details

R. Blackinton "Lotus" (Cattails) Sterling Silver Butter or Pickle Fork
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4673f   $45.00

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Incorporating imagery evocative of a pond, Blackinton's Art Nouveau Lotus portrays a lotus aka water lily blossom at the handle end on the front, and cattails and grasses on the remaining areas of the front along with the back side.

This example is a 6 3/8" long, approximately .7 T. oz., two tine butter, pickle, or olive fork.

The tines are relatively lengthy and splayed, with a notch where they join in the heel.

Marked with Blackinton's "Sword and B" emblem, "Sterling," and... Click for details

Blackinton Arts & Crafts Open Work Sterling Silver Tea Infuser Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4672f   $65.00

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This 5 5/8" long, .9 T. oz., tea infuser is stamped with the three part R. Blackinton emblem and the word "Sterling."

A non-line pattern, the handle is twisted where it joins the two-part, hinged, snap latch, pierced bowl.

It has an open work design with lined detailing on the upper part of the handle, front and back sides. Arts & Crafts and vaguely Chippendale in manner, this is dates from the early decades of the 20th century.

Never monogrammed, it is in flawless condition, free of... Click for details

Gaylord Silvercraft A&C Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Tomato Server
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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4671f   $115.00

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The story of Gaylord Silvercraft, c. 1920-45, links to famed American Arts & Crafts silversmith William Waldo Dodge, and more particularly his wife and teacher, Margaret Wheeler Robinson.

The workshop was founded at the Wallingford, Connecticut, Gaylord Farm (tuberculosis) Sanatorium and served as part of the occupational therapy and vocational training program available to patients. Considerable information can be pieced together about this operation from online and published sources.... Click for details

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