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Collectibles and Antiques ~ Est. 1996 Become a CYBERATTIC Collectible and Antique Dealer.
Lowest pre-paid subscriptions on the Web! No commission on sales!

$110 for one year
(average $9.17/month)
$70 for a half year
(average $11.67/month)
$45 for three months
(average $15/month)

Unlimited listings - 500 maximum photos per account/up to six photos per listing
($5 per each extra block of 200 photos)

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Introducing auctions powered by.   Seller accounts registered before May 1 enjoy up to 10 free ureserved auction listings each month for the next three years.

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  • Accept credit cards online from your clients through PayPal, Google Checkout or We support interface with these services from our checkout. Sellers on Cyberattic are more successful when interfaced for digital transactions with one or more (you need an account with each service used - inquire with us at if you would like an application.) Of course you may also accept credit card purchases by telephone.

  • Online since March 1996
  • Focused collectibles and antiques market
  • Lowest pre-paid subscription on the web!
  • Buyers and sellers deal directly - no middle man
  • Unsurpassed service. Feel free to contact our dealers
  • Maintain your offerings from your own Web browser
  • Personal attention
  • Illutration and up to 5 enlargement views per listing
  • No fees for first 500 photos
  • No commission fees on sales
  • Listings update promptly - category pages daily
  • (An account includes hosting for up to 500 photos to illustrate listings. Beyond this limit, a small service charge of $5 per block of 200 photos - over the 500 hundred limit - will be billed in advance on a monthly basis.)

    Benefits: Cyberattic, online since March 1996, is one of the first internet venues for collectibles and antiques on the World Wide Web. The Cyberattic name, to its members, means unsurpassed service and personal attention. To visitors, Cyberattic means hassle free, direct communications and dealings with sellers. To both, Cyberattic means a good value. No one is paying for commissions on sales and membership costs are unmatched. Cyberattic has recently added many new features for sellers to maintain their offerings and for visitors to find the objects of their desire.

    Costs: Cyberattic has the lowest annual fee on the Web with no sales commissions, listing fees or monthly fee. Pay in advance for the subscription period you are most comfortable with. Because we strive to keep rates as low as possible, subscriptions are non-refundable. Sell your collectibles and antiques on our fixed price venue. You maintain your own catalog, on Cyberattic, from your Web browser. Cyberattic hosts up to 500 photos with a standard subscription (Up to six photos may be added per listing, including a main illustration and five enlargements. These count toward the 500 limit. One small thumbnail image is free with each listing). Changes to item pages occur promptly and recent improvements ensure information is current, in more timely fashion than ever, throughout member catalogs and Cyberattic.

    Rules: Members may include on their homepage one link to another page they maintain on Cyberattic or elsewhere. For more answers to questions and additional information, please review our FAQ page and our Rules page. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us and we will happily assist you.

    Join: You can register a Cyberattic seller account on our secure server. You needn't have any html expertise. We will provide all of the formatting. See some existing dealer pages to see how your page will look and for examples of useful information to put on your page.

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