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Very Good German 800 Spoons - Bruckmann & Sohne

Very Good German 800 Spoons - Bruckmann & Sohne
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The 6 spoons (8.1 inches) are in one of the most traditional patterns of theWestern world, originating in Germany in the late 18th century: the “Fiddle Thread” or “Fadenmuster”. They are 800 fine, or 80% pure, silver. Peter Bruckmann & Sons was located in Heilbronn, Germany, from 1805 until 1973 and enjoyed prestige as one of Germany's finest makers. It's hard to know where these fit into Bruckmann's production history, but from the bowl shape and their strong tips, I'd guess around 1900. The marks include the German Imperial crown and crescent moon used on solid silver after 1886, the number 800, and the Bruckmann eagle. They are hardly used, nest perfectly, and (like most 800 silver) exhibit very little scratching – the surface is beautiful. There is no monogram. The weight is 320 grams.

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