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Enigmatic Sterling Lemon(?) Fork

Enigmatic Sterling Lemon(?) Fork
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This fork is an example of a prolific maker of reproduction pieces that were marketed around 1900 – coinciding with the rise of the Arts & Crafts movement – as hand-made items based on antique forms. The mark on the underside – (925)(000) – is a uniform mark on all pieces I've ever seen. Some are plain, and some are decorated with a wreath, ribbons, and a shield like this fork. All pieces appear to be heavy and a tad awkward in their execution. The question is, why? It may well be that a “perfect” rendering would have put in doubt their hand-made origins, and the deviations seem quite purposeful. The fork is 5.4 inches long and weighs 22 grams. In the small shield is a G monogram, done in an Arts & Crafts style. The surface displays strong planishing marks attesting to its handwork with no untoward blemishes.

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