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San Francisco “Gothic” / “Eureka” Sterling Forks (17)

San Francisco âGothicâ / âEurekaâ Sterling Forks (17)
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Northern California's silver industry was a natural outgrown of the discovery of silver there in 1849, and several jewelers and silversmiths emigrated to San Francisco to contribute to the new economic wealth that was California's. Several businesses emerged, many making or selling the same patterns in silver. “Gothic” (Reichel, Vanderslice, Koehler & Ritter) and “Eureka” (Schulz & Fischer) were a variation on Gorham's “Cottage” which had been introduced in 1861, and probably appeared shortly afterward. The handles of the double-die pattern are described by a double thread, broken by knobs which carry the thread from the shoulders to the top and create an ogival arch before terminating in three knobs, or bosses, on a slightly upturned tip. This version is likely the Schultz & Fischer version (the peculiar “S” at the beginning of the word “Sterling” is recognized as theirs), and was produced between about 1862 and 1878. However, the various makers' pieces are virtually indistinguishable. The overall condition is quite good – the handles are straight and they stack well – they've been cared for. There are no pits or burrs. The only detraction to mention is tine wear and some knife cuts on the backs of the tines (see the picture). They are 7.25 in., long, with a light gothic monogram M. All are marked “Sterling” and 5 also carry the mark of the Portland, OR retailer Henrichsen & Greenberg. Weight is 760 g. for the 17, or just under 45 g. each. Will discuss any number. -5 LEFT-

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