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Gorham Actors Fund Fair charitable support spoon

Gorham Actors Fund Fair charitable support spoon
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Founded in 1882 by Harrison Grey Fiske, a New York socialite whose life work revolved around theater productions and support of those who made them possible, the Actors Fund (actorsfund.org) to this day gives financial assistance and provides retirement housing to those who make their careers in the performing arts.  

In the early days of this organization, several fairs were held to create an endowment from which they could sustain their work.  This spoon and others like it would have been sold originally as a souvenir of the 1892 event at Madison Square Garden, which raised over 163,000 dollars (please see photo number five, a story from the NYT May 9, 1892).   They were donated by the Gorham Corporation in return for promotional considerations.  Many of the booths at the fair were staffed by well known actors, providing  a bit of close-up stargazing for those in attendance.  No doubt sales were helped along by this, as well.  

Created by renowned Gorham designer William C. Codman, this spoon is 5 7/8 inches long, weighs 1.32 Troy ounces, has no monogram and is in excellent condition.   In these difficult times, with theaters dark nationwide, we look forward to joining forces with the buyer in support of actors everywhere.  Bruce Cherner Antique Silver will donate the entire purchase price of this item and match that amount for a net contribution of 300 dollars to the Actors Fund.

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