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Lawrence Crowell Print

Lawrence Crowell Print
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If you are familiar with the works of Lawrence Crowell, you will know what a departure of subject matter this print is for him. The framed measurements are approximately 31 1/4" x 25 1/4" The actual print measures approximately 23" x 17 1/4" It is double artist signed, once in cursive and hand printed in orange along with the year which is 1972. Mr. Crowell sometimes signed on the right side, however, on a few, he signed the left side, which is the case on this print. This is the original frame, however, although it is safe to hang as is, it might be a good idea to sturdy it up a bit. From the side, I notice a VERY slight bit of movement forward of the print in certain areas. It is not anything that detracts from the appearance and only noticed it while taking photographs. However, I do believe in full disclosure as far as condition is concerned. I bought this picture in Florida many years ago for my daughter and have since moved to Alabama, and I suspect the difference in the climate might have caused this to happen. The back is not the sealed type, and if you will note in photo #5, there appears to be a red ant that has used this picture as it's final resting place. I am afraid to attempt the removal of the little fellow because of arthritis in my hands, I am fearful of damaging the print. One photograph has what looks like a white spot on the matting, but it is merely glare. The frame needs cleaning, and if you wish a bit of touch up with matching yellow paint. It looks fine the way it is, but is a matter of preference. If you have any questions regarding this item or would like to have any particular area photographed close-up, please email. I need your zip code to calculate the postage.

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