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Vintage Lamp Black & Gold

Vintage Lamp Black & Gold for item M-4426  

This lamp is almost 25" in height. It is in sound condition with no warping to the body or harp. It needs a very thorough cleaning because some thoughtless person let a bit of paint spatter on the black and gold design. It appears to come off, but I am afraid I'll damage it, since not sure how to clean it. At some point, someone may have painted the brass area, but just not sure. The wooden portion needs some cleaning also, but does not appear to have any nicks in the wood. There is damage to the actual china portion, but it would appear to have happened during manufacture. I always thought it was a seam, but since I am selling this lamp and always check items in the sunlight with a magnifying glass, I noticed a straight hairline crack from top to bottom. It is completely straight and tight, which looks as if it is a pressure crack, probably done when it was put together and tightened. It is not something that is apparent, but anyone interested should know about it. The cord is original, but either needs a new one or repaired. The lamp is in working condition. The price reflects the condition. I will gladly answer any questions regarding this lamp. I need your zip code to calculate the postage.

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