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Two Vintage Bisque Dolls

Two Vintage Bisque Dolls for item E025  
$38.00 Two Vintage Bisque Dolls

This listing has 2 vintage bisque girl dolls!

One measures 4 ½” tall and has NIPPON on her back. The other one measures 5 1/2" tall, has auburn color "hair", and is unmarked.

The Nippon doll has a couple dark spots – I did not attempt to clean. She has a couple chips on the toes of her right foot -- at least I think they're chips but they are smooth. The arm string has stretched (?) so the arms are a little loose. The red ribbon was around her neck when I purchased her at an estate sale so I don’t know if it’s original to the doll or was added by a prior owner. There is some green discoloration on her neck under the ribbon – perhaps caused by the ribbon, I really don’t know.

Please note the doll body is not as pink as appears in photo -- I guess I shouldn't have photographed her on pink paper. She is actually more of a pale flesh color. The arms are white and could be replacements which may possibly account for their being loose as noted above.

The other doll (auburn hair) does not have any chips or dings but her arm string has also stretched which makes her arms loose. I have seen these strings replaced with rubber bands and it worked great.

Both of these dolls are very cute and are very nice collectibles. I wish I could tell you more about them but I am not a doll collector so my knowledge of dolls is limited.

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