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Vintage Parfums De France

Vintage Parfums De France for item E053  

This is a super neat French parfums listing! The back of box states:

PARFUMS DE FRANCE, Made bottled and sealed in France, Net cont. Perfume 5/6 Fl. oz., Net cont. Bath oil 1/4 Fl. oz.

The box has two "sections" -- the lift off lid section and a "drawer" that is opened by pulling on the blue, white, and red ribbon.

In the open/lid section are the following bottles/fragrances:

"Croyance", Charles V, Paris (bottle is almost full)

Parfum "Tempora", A. Blanc, Paris (bottle is almost full)

The label is not legible on this one (first row, top right). Appears to begin with an E but not certain (bottle is half full).

Parfum "Cordon D'Or", Elizabeth Hartley, Paris (bottle is almost full).

"Capitou", A. Blanc, France (bottle is almost full).

And the last one in this section is Parfum, "Pirouette", A. Blanc, Paris (bottle only has a few drops).

The pull-out "drawer" section has the following:

"Cordon D'Argent", "Entendu", "Wizzy", and "Douce Faute" (Wizzy is aproximately 1/4 full, the other three only have drops remaining).

The last and largest bottle is "White Lilac" Bath Perfume Oil (bottle is almost full).

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