vintage glass textiles books from Sand Ridge Farm
About Us
Sand Ridge Farm is a small third-generation family farm. When we set up housekeeping here 35 years ago we did so by going to an estate auction for our furniture. We've been hooked ever since. Our children think auctions have become an addiction with us and maybe they're right. Whenever we needed another dresser, chair, etc., we when shopping at an auction. And if you've ever been to an estate auction, you know you usually end up buying something else "because it went too cheap!"

We love old things, and the thought that someone used and possibly loved our stuff before it came to live with us. But we're running out of room and must 'weed out' or move out!

Funny thing happened though, when we started weeding and getting ready to sell some 'junk' as the kids call it. They said, "You're not going to get rid of that, are you? I want that!" So it seems this 'weeding out' has become a family project. That's no small task when there are seven children, several in-laws and a growing number of grandchildren to consider.

Well, we'll see what happens... After all, we can't take it with us!


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