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I am the Keeper

Tokens from the past each holds a memory, a story.... a once cherished attachment to someone's life

They all gather here and wait..... for that special admirer to be drawn in and be the next to take them home

A new sparkle, an old familiar softness, that only age can reveal they wait.. in company of other beauty and unique antiquities

Each placed in careful arrays to enhance their finer points being a large central focus... or the smallest trinket tucked aside a delicate lady of porcelain ruffles Mirrors throughout, reflect ghosts of their past caretakers as they watch for worthy custodians of their precious momentos

Chandeliers cast soft light a dresser displays vanity fineries of ladies from long ago delicate boxes, lacy fans, and silk gloves

Cut glass perfume bottles with a hint of an old sweet scent and ornate hat boxes filled with fashionable hats of the times, with their nets and feathery plumes

Signs of the time, some worse for wear and chipped All proudly announcing products and popular places to shop

Grandpas razor and strop the English basin with a pitcher were common place as was the gentlemans shaving mirror and simple to elaborate mugs to hold soap

Apothocary jars of fishing lures that hold stories of the big one that got away and rusty traps, and old bottles, that have their own stories to tell

Cabinets of glass sparkling each with their own uniqueness Fine painted chinas and figures kept new as they were 100 years ago.

The silence of age.... everywhere Soft plush rugs upon the floor of muted colors in silk and wool The tick of the grandfather clock. and the quietness of our steps we take trying not to disturb the sleeping relics

Timing, of hearing a cuckoo clock in the distance, or the Big Ben chimes marking time and adding age to each inatimate object with the tick of the clock

Cases of jewels rhinestones of color and clarity... shining as diamonds against velvet. Silver and gold of ageless fashion.. a pirates booty Rings for every finger and bells for your toes

Dark portraits of countrysides past beautiful ladies, and cherished pets All capturing the past, so we may gaze upon and remember simpler times, once lived

I am the keeper of memories The halfway house for relics that wait.... Waiting to again give special meaning and to touch that certain persons life with a memory, or reminiscence of days gone by.

Here they wait, they know nothing but patience.... and that person will come, The one meant to be..... the connection will be made, with a touch and a smile and I will say farewell as I make space for another treasure For I am The Keeper

~Sherry Elliott


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