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Vintage Kreiss pink pig figurine 1959

Vintage Kreiss pink pig figurine 1959 for item safn-1894  
$15.00 $15.00

Vintage Japan KREISS Ceramic Pig Figurine. This figurine has no breaks or damages. It measures approx. 4 1/8" tall. It has a cartoon like appearance. It was one of the three little pigs Kreiss made in different poses. This pig is done in varying shades of pink, from medium pink to very very pale pink. It has gray and black accents. ADORABLE face with great big blue eyes and long lashes. She is standing with one hand on her hip and the other by her ear, with a Mae West pose. She looks as if she is saying "Come up and see me sometime". She has a tiny curly tail in the back. The stamp has faded on this one but I guarantee it to be Kreiss, and it is in the collectors book "The world of Kreiss Ceramics" and dates to 1959. KREISS 1959 GREAT VINTAGE PIG!!!!!

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