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Getting to know Natures Children animal book set of 22

Getting to know Natures Children animal book set of 22 for item safn-4563  
$39.00 $39.00

22 books from the Getting to Know...Nature's Children, animal nonfiction reference books by Grolier , revised 1987-2001 editions, Nice glossy hard covers, with lots of full page color pictures. Each book is A DUAL book, featuring 2 animals, Flip it over and the other side features a different animal. Targeted for the 6-10 year old reader who loves learning interesting facts about North American animals. Excellent for homeschooling science and nature lessons. ALL of these are in excellent condition and appears to not have been opened or read, especially on the inside. No corner bumps, tears or writing. The books are: Wild Horses & Caribou, Deer & Rabbits, Porcupines & Grizzly Bears, Tigers & Giraffes, Orangutans & Gazelles, Lynx & Sea Lions, Polar Bears & Skunks, Squirrels & Frogs, Chimpanzees & Lizards, Wolves & Whales, Leopards & Parrots, Coyotes & Spiders, Koalas & Cheetahs, Bighorn Sheep & Prairie Dogs, Lions & Pandas, Chipmunks, & Beavers, Penguins & Elephants,Cougars & Eagles, Puffins & Old World Monkeys, Crocodiles & Kangaroos, Zebra & Rhinoceros, Seals & Mice.

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