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Texas cattle King millionaire cadillac cookie jar

Texas cattle King millionaire cadillac cookie jar for item barb-131  
$55.00 $55.00

AMAZINGLY FUN Cookie Cadillac for the true Texan. This 1958-59 red caddy has all of the features a proud Texan would claim as fame. Measures 14" long 5" tall to top, but over 9" tall including the howling coyote on top of the car. Bumper stickers - Honk if you love Texas, and - I (Heart) Texas. Has a beef cow on the side that says prime with a little red white and blue texas state under it. Also has flames, the word HOT and a chili pepper, and a cow skull with a blue starry ribbon. Says "YUP" on the tail fins, and on the front fenders says 100% Texan. On the doors it has the Texas flag. On the hood it has a large red white and blue Texas shape with a big star in the middle, and also a large star on the trunk lid. The Liscence plates reads Texas lone (STAR). To top off this wonderful cookie jar a lone coyote sits on top, and it has those long horns on the front like we picture when we think of a cattle Kings cadillac car. The cookie jar is hand painted and in perfect condition with not the slightest damage. Would make an awesome gift. It is very unique and fun. Made by Paris & Bee Bee from their Sweetz & Treatz collection 2003. Hand wash only. This cookie jar is awesome, so don't miss out.

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