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Morgantown Seneca Crinkle ruby red tumbler 5 5/8"

Morgantown Seneca Crinkle ruby red tumbler 5 5/8" for item barb-242  
$12.00 $12.00

This beautiful glass was purchased at a very special place. Made by Morgantown in their crinkle pattern. Seneca made them later and called it driftwood. THis tumbler measure 5 5/8" tall and are the most beautiful ruby red color ever. Purchased at Alan Ladds gift store in Palm Springs in 1967. I have other colors & sizes in these glasses I will be listing too. ALL I will combine shipping if you decide to buy a quanity of them. Only 1 available in this color & size. Here is some history of where they were purchased: In 1958, Alan and Sue Ladd moved to Palm Springs. When trying to fix their house as they moved in, they went to the only hardware store in town. He was happy with their selection but not so much with their service. When he asked the manager if they could deliver some supplies, the manager said, "No, and we're the only hardware store in town." Alan quipped, "Maybe today, but tomorrow there will be two." And he opened his own hardware store after that. Ladd Hardware (later Ladd Hardware and Gifts) became so successful the other store went out of business. It became so successful that the motto of the store was, "Palm Springs wouldn't be Palm Springs without us!" Alan had several episodes of depression. In 1962 he shot himself in the leg, which caused him to limp for the rest of his life. He had several ways of explaining how this happened. He remained busy but he also became depressed. Death came to Alan at the age of 50. It was the result of a deadly combination of alcohol and sleeping pills. Some biographers think he was trying to commit suicide. Those who understand depression think it was another episode of a bad choice. Whatever happened, he died on January 23, 1964, at his home in Palm Springs, California. His body is entombed in a mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. His wife would join him 19 years later. In 1969, Sue Ladd threw herself into the hardware store business. She made it into a store, not just for the locals to get paint and wallpaper, but also for tourists to get souvenirs. Sue stayed busy with it until the end. She died of a heart attack in Los Angeles on February 4, 1982.

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