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1800s German glass beer stein pewter and hand painted porcelain lid

1800s  German glass beer stein pewter and hand painted porcelain lid
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5" glass beer stein from Germany, and the glass is starting to turn purple. Was made from 1850-1900, Unique porcelain insert in the pewter lid. Hand painted on top and bottom (very unusual) Usually only the top area is painted when you are lucky enough to find these. Recessed bottom and ground polished bottom edge. Another unique feature is the subject of the painting decoration. A man is playing his mandolin and he gazes upward (to what we think is a window where a fair maiden sleeps) and serenades. The words "Barte Lirbe Klagl in tonen", is hand painted below the scene. When the lid is lifted, it reveals another hand painted scene on the lid. Cats, yowling their kitty love songs on the rooftop. So the man is actually playing music to the cats as they sing their kitty love songs. Very cute and unique. This is probably 1/2 litre. No markings on the lid or glass.The pewter part that wraps around the glass handle looks like it should move up a little farther, or over the little nub on the handle. I don't want to force it, since it has survived like it is, all these years. But it works and fits great. Glass has no clouding, scratches, chips or cracks. a beautiful little stein, unique and rare. Feel free to ask to see the other photos of the inside painting and closeup features.

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