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Indiana Colony Harvest Grape Milk Glass 9 3/4 Dinner Plate

Indiana Colony Harvest Grape Milk Glass 9 3/4 Dinner Plate for item safn-7448  
$13.00 $13.00 ea

Vintage Indiana Colony Harvest Grape Milk Glass 9 3/4 Dinner Plate.I have 4 dinner plates, price is per plate, and all are perfect. History of the Harvest Molds: The Harvest molds were created in the 1950's. The Harvest molds are extensive. They include a whole dinnerware line. There are dinner plates, salad plates, bread and butter plates, cups, saucers, goblets, large ice tea tumblers, mid-size tumblers, juice tumblers, large serving platter, salt and pepper shakers, covered butter dish, sugar/creamer/tray set, covered and uncovered wedding bowls, a three piece canister set, lace edge spooners both covered and uncovered, water pitcher, cake stand, snack sets, sherbet set, punch set, candle holders, large and small vases, compotes and more.The Harvest molds were first used to produce beautiful snowy white, handmade milk glass items. The milk glass items were called Colony Harvest. Colony is a trademark of the Lancaster Colony Corporation. Indiana Glass produced the milk glass Harvest items but they were never sold under the Indiana Glass name.Indiana Glass continued to produce the milk glass Harvest items through out the 1950's and 1960's. The "Colony Harvest" pattern was obtained most often through the redemption of S & H green stamps in the midwestern states. You received a stamp for each $1.00 you spent and when a book of 300 or so was filled, you could redeem it for merchandise.SAVE ON SHIPPING! We have a good inventory of pieces in this pattern.

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