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Chaste Oribe Sake Bottle With Sparse Classic Decoration

Chaste Oribe Sake Bottle With Sparse Classic Decoration
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An Edo period Oribe sake bottle of simple but full proportions and with classically Japanese Zen decoration - austerely yet sensitively placed grass and blooms decoration in iron oxide on the softly crackled opaque off-white glaze ever so slightly scorched in the kiln on two sides where the body is almost slightly exposed and oxidized to a buff tone at those points. The cut foot also glazed save for a crescent reserve around the center where the warm gray body is exposed. The rim and neck glazed green with tinges leaning bluer and oxidizing to a reddish-brown where the glaze has pooled - all with a very slight hint of iridescence to the finely crazed glazed. Five, parallel incised rings around the shoulder before transitioning to the oatmeal colored opaque walls. Anonymous. Good condition. Height 7 inches.

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