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Ao-Kutani Palette Hydrangeas Porcelain Dish, Yoshidaya Type, 19th cent

Ao-Kutani Palette Hydrangeas Porcelain Dish, Yoshidaya Type, 19th cent
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An Ao-Kutani palette porcelain deep dish in the Yoshidaya manner. Hydrangeas decoration in polychrome enamels including white, light blue-green, and dark green, blue, blue-green and aubergine in black line, all on yellow ground, a chocolate brown enamel on the otherwise unglazed biscuit rim. The number and subtlety of hues but consistent for palette is pleasing. The back with enamels including dark green on black line decoration of clouds. Kutani mark in black under yellow glaze inside the foot ring which appears to have been glazed but with the enamel rubbed along high points to the porcelain body. A couple of kiln kisses to the cloud decoration area on the back. The so called Yoshidaya type of 19th century Ao-Kutani wares is named for a merchant who revived production of a particular palette of Ko-Kutani production (of the 17th and early 18th century) adjacent to the original kilns. The current example certainly appears to be 19th century and could possibly be from the Yoshidaya kiln. Later Ao-Kutani palette production is often ambitiously ascribed to the Yoshidaya kiln which, in fact, operated only briefly from the 1820s to the early 1830s. One 3/16 inch flake (mostly to the enamel) under the rim. Otherwise good condition considering expected scratching and rubbing of the enamel. Presents well. Diameter, 11 7/8 inches (30.16 cm)

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