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Wendt "Bust" Sterling Silver Swing Handle Stag Feet Bowl

Wendt "Bust" Sterling Silver Swing Handle Stag Feet Bowl
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A substantial piece, this bowl or basket stands 3 7/8" high to the rim, 7" to the top of the upraised swing handle, has a top diameter of 5 1/8", and weighs 8.7 T. oz.

It dates circa 1870 and was made by John Wendt whose "925/1000 in a shield" emblem is stamped on the underside, encircled by the name of the retailer, "Ball Black & Co" "New York."

It stands on four very slender, hoof foot, stag legs that are joined to bands that run vertically to the top of the body. Each of these strips is surmounted with a cast, figural head that appears to be an Egyptian pharaoh. The imagergy of these is very much akin to two named Gorham patterns, "Bust" and "Sphinx," of the same period.

The bowl itself is a complete hemisphere, or perhaps half "orb" which might be a term more in keeping with the Victorian dating of this.

The handle reinforces the symmetry of the piece, as it is a perfectly shaped 180 degree arc, and is fitted with three spheres.

All this design detail may be intended to imply a celestial quality implicative of ancient Egyptian mysticism.

Without a monogram or inscription, it is in very good condition.

The bust heads are free of noticeable polishing wear, retaining excellent detail. The body is free of dents or bends, but do show shallow imprint marks on the interior where they have been pushed in slightly. One of these areas actually shows a slight line crack in the surface of the silver. This has all been largely remediated by a professional silversmith.

The piece sits evenly, without any rocking, and the handle moves freely up and down. The overall finish is bright, warm, and absent scratches.

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