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J. Munro, New Brunswick, Canada "Reverse Tipt" Coin Silver Tablespoon

J. Munro, New Brunswick, Canada "Reverse Tipt" Coin Silver Tablespoon
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As was a practice with many American silver manufacturers working in coin, even more so did Canadian silversmiths employ pseudo hallmarks imitative of English silver to identify their work.

This 8 5/8" long, weighty at 2.1 T. oz., circa 1840, coin silver table serving spoon is a case in point. It is stamped with a "crown, bust, lion" along with "IM" for John Munro, and "NB" for the province of New Brunswick, the city of St. John in this case, for the this maker.

A well-crafted piece, it has a slightly down-turned, "Reverse Tipt" handle, relatively large, 3 1/8" by 1 7/8" at the widest, bowl, high, pointed and beveled shoulders, and a thumb drop on the backside.

There is a handsome, feathered script "WDH" engraved sideways on the handle front.

In very fine condition, this has a well-shaped bowl that is free of dents or tip wear, and it shows a rich overall finish. The engraving remains crisp, free of polishing wear.

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