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Indo-Persian Exotic Silver Covered Box Chased with Insects

Indo-Persian Exotic Silver Covered Box Chased with Insects
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Made of silver clad copper, this hinged lid box measures 6" x 2" x 1 3/8".

Indo-Persian in style and probably dating from the 19th or early 20th century, it likely originated in India, the Middle East or South Asia.

The hand chased work is highly unusual, intricately rendered, and immediately appealing.

All sides apart from the flat bottom feature winged insects set in high relief, seventeen in total, of at least five different varieties (see image two).

Each insect is set in a circular frame, with chased leafy detail between these. There is a gadroon border on the lid.

The work is extremely fine--including for example pinpoint stippling in the background--highly detailed, and is realistically rendered.

Well-crafted, this evidences cottage rather than factory origins in its subtly primitive character.

In very good condition, this shows minimal signs of use, namely light wear of the silver and some shallow dimples. The lid fits snugly and the hinge is secure.

Please note: the above description is based on how the piece presents and what appears self-evident, and not any particular awareness of this category of silver or place of origin. Informed comments invited.

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