Cyberattic is one of the first collectibles venues to have appeared online. Cyberattic was founded by the Principal of Root Technologies in March 1996 in response to requests by friends and referrals to support internet sales of books and collectibles.

Cyberattic has become well known and favored in the collectibles market - flourishing as one of the pioneers in its industry. The Cyberattic name became a recognized brand among sellers of collectibles online. Collectors of glass, china, memorabilia and nostalgia (of the 20th century and earlier) came to rely on Cyberattic as a primary resource.

Cyberattic was purchased by Trocadero, Inc. in December 2003. The Principals of Trocadero found value in Cyberattic's brand recognition and niche industry inroads. Concurrent with the acquisition, Trocadero, Inc. changed its name to VerVendi Inc. - signaling that Trocadero and Cyberattic would remain distinct though complimentary venues.

In preparation for re-launching the site after the Christmas 2003 shopping season, Cyberattic was redesigned to take advantage of richer features developed by Trocadero's management since 1998. Care was taken to preserve Cyberattic's categories, ambiance and content while diligently improving on presentation, navigation and pleasure of experience.

Objectives include showcasing items in an attractive and enticing manner, conveying seller interest and enthusiasm, and focusing on increasing sales performance for all. To this end, improvements in category navigation as well as visibility of individual sellers are key. The latter moves up in priority as we complete work to update dealer sites more frequently.

Whereas previous management traditionally relied on word of mouth for marketing, current management is moving decisively to advertise Cyberattic to collectors and other buyers. Nowhere will a seller of collectibles find (1) as cost effective a venue with (2) as robust and sensible a marketing plan and (3) for as well known and established a brand name market. Media in which Cyberattic advertisements have recently appeared in now include...

• Google AdWords
• Maine Antiques Digest
• The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles
• The Magazine Antiques

...and more.

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