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Wood & Hughes "Diana" Medallion Coin Silver Berry Shovel
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

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3933f   $285.00

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The prominent New York City firm of Wood & Hughes produced several "Medallion" patterns in the 1860s period when such classically inspired imagery was popular.

The portraiture on this 8 3/4" long, 2.5 T. oz., coin silver, berry shovel (often identified as a cracker scoop) is anecdotally referred to as the "Diana Medallion," as identified by D.A. Soeffing in his 1988 benchmark work on this category of silver. He describes this design as "particularly Grecian in its appearance."

The... Click for details

Wallace Art Nouveau "Irian" Sterling Silver Youth Fork
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3931f   $55.00

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Weighty at just over 1.0 T. oz., this 6 1/8" long youth fork is a quality example of Wallace's entry into the offerings of female nude subjects produced by various silver manufacturers at the beginning of the 20th century."

The portraiture is of a full-sized, semi-draped, figure with three putti surrounding her head. One of these is cupid like and is pointing a bow and arrow at her.

Additional detailing includes orchid or iris blossoms, leaves and other flowers, front and back sides, all... Click for details

Rene Beauvais, St. Louis, "Tipt" Coin Silver Table Serving Spoon x 2
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

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3929f   $58.00

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Norman Mack writes in Missouri's Silver Age, "Francis A. Beauvais and his silversmith brothers, Charles, Rene, and Augustus, were born into a family of artisans."

Their father, Gemini Beauvais, resettled in St. Louis from Montreal, Canada, before 1800, when the former place was yet a village, and the family became a presence in the burgeoning city as it grew vigorously through the 19th century.

Mack offers a lengthy entry on this family, offering particularly extensive detail about... Click for details

NFS - Fine Feather-Edge Sugar Tongs c.1780-95 Mrked IVB - Win a Prize!
Silver : Coin Silver : 18th and Early 19th Century

Cliff Nunn - Antique Silver and Decorative Arts  

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This piece is not currently for sale, but if you can solve its mystery mark with a definitive (or at least very strong) attribution, I'll offer you your choice of either $10 off your next order, or a free coin silver spoon in good condition!

This pair of feather-edge sugar tongs are marked once inside the bow with a maker's mark that appears to be IVB conjoined, but could be MB or NB conjoined. Please click on the first photo to scroll through all the pictures. The tongs appear to be... Click for details

Baltimore circa 1830 10.15 Standard Silver Tongs attrib. A.E. Warner
Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces

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This 6" long, 1.3 T. oz., pair of coin silver tongs trace to Baltimore with an approximate 1830 date.

This information can be inferred from the marks, which are singular to Baltimore, and appear in an unusual combination on this particular item.

They include two "10.15" (coin) silver designations, one in italics, and the "head of liberty," used in conjunction with Baltimore assay marks beginning in 1815.

An essay in Maryland Silver published by the Baltimore Museum of Art... Click for details

two Arthur Stone floral chased coffee spoons
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver  
2398   Sold

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One by craftsman Alfred Wikstrom (has Stone Associates mark); the other by Charles W. Brown, length five inches, total Troy weight .94 oz. excellent condition, marked and monogrammed as shown.

A set of these same spoons graces the cover of Elenita Chickering's superb monograph about her Uncle, Mr. Stone.

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Durgin circa 1880 Sterling Silver Serving Spoon Engraved "Mother"
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3924f   $75.00

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A large piece measuring 8 1/2" long and weighing 1.8 T. oz., this table serving spoon bears one of the earliest marks, a "bird surrounded by a wreath," that the William B. Durgin Company used on its flatware.

It is also stamped "M.F. Robinson" for the Springfield, Massachusetts jeweler with dates of operation 1860-99, and "Sterling."

A non-line pattern, its relatively plain style with a broad, fanned, handle end with bright cut diamond and bellflower components, suggests a date circa 1880.... Click for details

Whiting "Arabesque" Large Sterling Silver Serving Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3923f   $165.00

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Measuring 9 1/8" long with a 3 3/4" by 2" wide bowl, and weighing 1.8 T. oz., this item is variously identified as a berry, vegetable, or pudding spoon.

The pattern is Whiting's "Arabesque," which is rooted in Moorish design and was produced during the Renaissance Revival period of the 1870s. It features a standing griffin with widespread wings.

The bowl is plum shaped, with a central vee in the base and a lipped edge.

The interior is intricately engraved in a leafy rosette theme that... Click for details

Bailey & Co., Philadelphia, "Leaf" Sterling Silver Sugar Sifter
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3922f   $65.00

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Likely dating 1855-1862, this sugar sifter measures 7" long and weighs 1.2 T. oz.

It was made and sold by Philadelphia's "Bailey & Co.," and is so marked, along with a "lion, S, shield" with additional "lion," pseudo hallmark that was used while George Sharp was the company's manufacturing manager 1852-c. 1862 (Catherine Hollan Philadelphia Silversmiths).

The "S" indicates sterling, while a like mark with a "U" indicates coin silver, with the former introduced in 1855 (Hollan).... Click for details

Gorham circa 1870 "Lily of the Valley" Sterling Silver Jelly Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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This rendition of "Lily of the Valley" by Gorham is to be distinguished from the die struck pattern of the same circa 1870 date that features this flower and is also known as "No. 88," and certainly it is very far removed from the company's 1950 line called "Lily of the Valley."

An approach to silver flatware construction that was popular in the period, and one which showcases the artfulness of a given manufacturer, such items are assembled from a variety of components.

Made in a limited... Click for details

Gale & Willis "Italian" Sterling Silver Place Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3918f   $44.00

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Noted York City silversmith William Gale participated in numerous partnerships over the course of his many working years. The mark on this 7 1/8" long, 1.4 T. oz., place, aka dessert or oval soup, spoon is "Gale & Willis," denoting his 1859-62 association with his son-in-law.

Patented in 1860, and so stamped on the reverse, the pattern is "Italian," which is very much a period design, much akin to contemporaneous maker John Polhamus's "Armor." It incorporates gadrooning, beading, leaves, and... Click for details

Chas. Kennard "Reverse Tipt" circa 1870 Sterling Silver Serving Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3917f   $65.00

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A lengthy 9" and weighing 2.1 T. oz., this serving spoon has a plum shaped, 3" by 1 3/4", bowl.

Dating about 1870, it is marked "Sterling" and "Chas. W. Kennard" for the Boston firm succeeded by "Rand & Crane" in 1886.

The simple design and overall shape and proportions are essentially akin to other area silver of the time, although this shows subtle differences.

The stem of the handle is narrowed and chamfered, with a broad, "Reverse Tipt" end. Rather than round or pointed, it is... Click for details

Wilson McGrew "Fiddle Tipt" Coin Silver Tablespoon
Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware

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3914f   $55.00

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The Cincinnati Art Museum holds an essentially matching tablespoon to this 8 3/8" long, 1.2 T. oz., piece. The Museum's example is shown in Figure 81 of Cincinnati Silver 1788-1940.

Coin silver, this was made by Wilson McGrew, c. 1840-56, and carries his mark on the backside.

It has a pronounced "Fiddle" shaped handle with a "Tipt" end, and high, chamfered shoulders, all characteristic of silver style of this region and period.

It is engraved "Butterworth" in fine script... Click for details

Wallace Sterling Top Cut Glass Perfume Bottle with Long Dipper
Silver : Sterling : Smalls

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3908f   $65.00

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This urn shaped, cut glass, perfume bottle stands 5 3/4" to the upper edge of the stopper and sits on a round base that is 2 1/4" in diameter.

The top is silver and stamped with Wallace's "RW&S plus deer head" emblem, "Sterling," and model number "93."

It has a long, glass extension something in the manner of a tang, that reaches clear to the bottom of the tapered jar.

The top incorporates a raised circular disk that is bordered by a double scroll with lyre design, which along with the... Click for details

Westervelt "Engraved Lily Valley" Fancy Bowl Coin Silver Sugar Spoon
Silver : Sterling : Flatware

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3907f   $56.00

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Located in Newburgh, New York, John Westervelt was a silver manufacturer whose years of production spanned the second half of the 19th century.

This example of his work is a 6 5/8" long, 1.1 T. oz., large sugar or possibly small jelly spoon in an engraved "Old English" pattern.

The design is Aesthetic in manner, dating circa 1880, and features a lily of the valley stalk with blossoms draped around the handle end, along with leaf, rosette and diamond detailing.

The open area on the... Click for details

Carrs of Sheffield 5" Diameter Sterling Silver Wood Base Wine Caddy
Silver : Sterling : Hollowware

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3903f   $175.00

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A contemporary silver manufacturer, Carrs of Sheffield was established in 1977 according to the company website, and is still in operation.

This 5" bottom diameter, 1 5/8" tall, 4.9 T. oz. total weight, silver and wood wine coaster or caddy with a green felt underside, is one of the firm's signature offerings.

Fully marked for Sheffield, Sterling, a date letter for 2004, and "RC" on both the sidewall and on the disk in the interior center, it is also stamped "Carrs Silver, Sheffield... Click for details

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